Intelligent and self-learning traffic control from Viscando tested in Uppsala

Drive Sweden, one of the national strategic innovation programs, is now launching new projects that are gearing up efforts for future mobility. Through these projects, Sweden takes important steps towards sustainable, efficient transport systems. Viscando, a partner in Drive Sweden, contributes with intelligent and self-learning traffic control based on 3D & AI.

This project aims to show how new types of sensors and traffic management models can contribute to improved accessibility and safety in signal-controlled intersections. The project is made possible through good cooperation with the City of Uppsala and will start later this spring with data collection in some intersections, and later switch to intelligent control of the signals in these intersections. Viscando will demonstrate adaptive and self-learning traffic control that continuously diagnoses the intersection's function.

The solution not only controls traffic signaling based on detected motor vehicles and pre-set times slots like today, but also detects pedestrians and cyclists to enable increased accessibility and safety for all road users. In addition, the intersection control can dynamically adapt to local conditions and predict changes with continuous understanding of all road users in the intersection.

- We intend to combine traffic control detection with detailed traffic data for traffic flows and continuous diagnosis of intersection function. Among other things, we intend to develop methods for multi-camera object tracking and, based on AI, develop new types of traffic control parameters which, in addition to presence detection, also include accessibility and road safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motor vehicles, says Amritpal Singh, CEO and co-founder of Viscando.

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